Welcome to your next adventure brought to you by Mr. Bill Heath of SkyFire In Focus Tours. Located here in the heart of the interior of Fairbanks Alaska.

You are one step closer to an enjoyable evening of viewing and photographing the magical lights of the North. Come out with us as we take you away from the town lights of Fairbanks for a night out where we can teach you about the beauty of the Lady Aurora. You can learn how to photograph the Borealis as we mentor you with your own photo equipment or rent some of our gear. You do not need to have any camera experience to participate in this tour. Or if you are just wanting to view the majestic wonder of our night lights then come out with us on any of the scheduled tours.

Recent change

*Please note that we now have a minimum amount of 2 guests necessary to run a nightly tour. We have conducted single guest tours since 2015 and may return to that mode of operation in the future. You will be contacted by 5PM on the evening of your tour if the tour is not running due to the lack of guests.

Transportation provided normally no later than 9PM  at your place of lodging and returning you by 3AM at your hotel, B&B, etc. Should the lights come out and dance later in the night then plan on staying out longer to enjoy the event.

*Note stipulations on transportation below.


Here is a list of items you will need to bring for your magical adventure.

 . A DSLR camera with manual capable settings. If you lack the right gear or would prefer to rent we do have a selection of rental equipment available. 
 . A sturdy tripod with a ball-head. Note that lightweight travel tripods may suffer in our extreme cold temps. Save space and rent from the fleet of tripods we carry.

 . To keep that camera shooting extra batteries are a must and warm clothing rated well below zero or colder to keep you shooting. Several layers are wise and wind resistant outer garments advised. If you do not have winter gear nor want to pack this gear for your trip you can always rent from local businesses that will both drop off and pick up at your location of stay. Check here

 . You will also need to take care of your camera after your night of shooting. To do so plan on bringing a zip-lock bag or equivalent large enough for your camera and lens to be sealed into. The key here is slow rewarming of your gear.  You may also consider bringing moisture collecting damp-rid or rice bags.

. A remote shutter for your camera model is a great tool as this will help to keep your hands warmer as your can shoot from the warmth of your coat pocket. Be mindful though that extreme cold temps can freeze tiny batteries in wireless remotes. Tethered shutter cables can become stiff and brittle under our conditions as well. 

Current Covid operational guidelines with SkyFire Tours .

Cancellation or changing tour dates needed if you are not feeling well. Masks are suggested if you are concerned about traveling in a passenger van with others. This is a small group tour and most guests understand that social distancing is limited within the confines of a 15 passenger van down to one half of that approximately on any tour. Declarations of vaccination are not expected or asked for by SkyFire Tours at this present time.  Any other questions along this topic please feel free to contact.

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To secure your evening of adventure please check the calendar for scheduled tours or call, text, or email to secure your seat for $249.00. If booking with a companion you qualify for the couples rate for $349.00. A companion qualifies as any family member, partner or friend. This companion package was started in response to the often asked "My partner is joining us but will not be doing any camera work?" Also note that this rate can be found booking through our website or Facebook both of which are preferable for our business. 

New this year 3 and 4 guest packages available online.  If you or  your group are just spectators (viewers) and are not interested in the photography workshop be sure to call, text, or email for additional discounted rates.

We prefer a 4 hour advanced notice for the evenings tour. Late bookings are acceptable if we have available seating. After a confirmation you will be placed on the schedule for that tour.  If you need to reschedule or cancel please contact us for details as soon as reasonably possible.  Booking minimums for nightly tours have been adjusted for the time being for a minimum of 2 guests to run though that does change throughout the season.  Email for more details


What we provide for your tour:

  1. Rental camera gear if needed or desired  Nikon & Canon camera bodies with fast wide to ultra wide lenses and tripods. Each solo setup is $50 rental fee for the tour. Currently able to outfit multiple guests with complete gear on a first come reserved basis.  Note if renting you will be advised to bring your own compact flash or secure digital media for your photos with the rental unit available to you. No micro cards in the adapter. They tend to fail in the cold temps. If you are bringing camera gear please indicate in your booking info what camera model and lens you intend to use on the night sky.

  2.  Currently offering hot chocolate, coffee, or tea on each tour.  

  3. And of course transportation from and back to your hotel etc. *Note that if your location includes any out of town steep grades during the winter conditions, you may be asked to meet at a designated location. 

  4. Randomly you will be provided with qualified assistants from our own Special Effects Photo Club.

  At times throughout our tours we will provide alternative services should the clouds interfere with viewing or we have a clear night and the Lady Aurora decides not to greet us with her majestic dance. These may include astral and moon photography, light painting, or a scenic van ride here in the heartland of Alaska. We do recommend spending  3 to 6 nights here in Fairbanks to view the lights as they can be difficult to predict. As well as local weather can provide a deterrent for clear conditions. One of the most widely ignored aspects of Aurora viewing that is missed is the current moon phase that you may be coming into. Note that during the full moon phase the Aurora will have less of an impact in the moonlighted sky vs the darkest time of the month around the new moon phase. This applies to both photography and viewing. However when the Aurora comes in bright and strong it only adds to the beauty in the night sky with some moonlight mixed in.

   Also please be aware that your guide will be researching conditions prior to every evenings tours. Especially when it looks to be very cloudy and overcast. These conditions can and do change over night at times. Or we are driving additional miles for you to enjoy clearer conditions in order to see the Aurora. If a tour looks to be impacted from no reprieve during a snow storm or large cloudy front moving through the interior you will be notified by 6PM for alternate opportunities. This is precisely why booking early and remaining flexible for your evenings can benefit your Aurora experience here.

All of this provided by your host, William ( Bill ) Heath of SkyFire In Focus tours & Windancer Unlimited Photography.

Current Schedule

You will find that our schedule does have nights that we do not offer services due to real life responsibilities. If your stay in the Fairbanks area does not allow you to take advantage of the service we provide, you will find other local options. We do look forward to serving you under the Northern Lights.


Added note for your tours in combination with departure flights out of Fairbanks. Booking departures for the same morning of your scheduled Aurora tour for any flights prior to 6AM can create a short window for Aurora photography and viewing. As mentioned previously on our website the Aurora may come out later in the morning and often we stay later to accommodate our guests with a longer tour as a result. This can create a time crunch for those early morning flights. Randomly, we are asked to bring our guests to the airport as they may be on the 7 or 8AM departures. We try to accommodate these requests when possible. It is recommended should your schedule require your departure on the same morning to book for flights after the 6AM time frame. If repetition has taught our little business anything it is that we often return home closer to 5AM, fifty percent of the time.

 Cancellation Conditions

For obvious reasons surrounding our natural elements with both Aurora and weather forecasts can be difficult to predict. Though that can create some flexibility issues for our clients we still maintain our scheduled tour unless travel conditions become too severe. Tour cancellations due to severe weather conditions will result in offering another available tour or a full refund to the client.  Cancellation on the part of the client needs to be within 48 hours of intended departure for full return or there is a 50 percent cancellation fee.

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